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ENT_lgo ENTLocal Testimonial

My daughters surgery went extremely well. She no longer snores and has stopped being grumpy all day! Even the daycare have noticed a difference. Her life and consequently ours have completely changed. Thank you Dr King for helping our family. 


ENT_lgo ENTLocal Testimonial

Dr King and her staff were wonderful throughout the entire process from booking in to having surgery. It made me feel comfortable throughout it all. Best thing is that you can’t even see my neck scar now. Great job. Thank you.


ENT_lgo ENTLocal Testimonial

Dr Mohorikar was my admitting medical officer and primary doctor when a 200KG installation fell on my neck. I did not have a chance to speak, eat or breath on my own. Dr Mohorikar operated on me and within months my throat and neck was as it was before the accident. If it weren’t for Dr Mohorikar’s exceptional skill and expertise my life would be completely different. I cannot recommend Dr Mohorikar enough for any issues related to ENT


ENT_lgo ENTLocal Testimonial

I first met Dr Alok for my “leaky” ear that had troubled me for the last 72 years. I had 17 surgeries done by other surgeons in the past. The last ENT asked me to get used to it. Dr Alok operated on me (mastoidectomy) later that month (ALL A OK) and has been looking after me ever since.


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